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Contrast Self-Righteous Service with True Service

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I see on the chapel speaker calendar that Richard Foster is scheduled. He is one of my favorite writers and in his volume entitled Celebration of Discipline, he has a chapter entitled "The Discipline of Service." Let me share his thoughts as he contrasts self-righteous service with true service.

Self-righteous service comes through human effort.True service comes from a relationship with the divine Other deep inside.

Self-righteous service is impressed with the "big deal."True service finds it almost impossible to distinguish the small from the large service.

Self-righteous service requires external rewards.True service rests contented in hiddenness.

Self-righteous service is highly concerned about results.True service is free of the need to calculate results.

Self-righteous service picks and chooses whom to serve.True service is indiscriminate in its ministry.

Self-righteous service is affected by moods and whims.True service ministers simply and faithfully because there is a need.

Self-righteous service is temporary.True service is a life-style.

Self-righteous service is without sensitivity. It insists on meeting the need even when to do so would be destructive.True service can withhold the service as freely as perform it.

Self-righteous service fractures community.True service, on the other hand, builds community.