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I Believe God

V. Raymond Edman, But God!, (Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids; 1962), p. 65

I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me - Acts 27:35.

"I believe"&md;but, do I? Am I sure?Can I trust my trusting to endure?Can I hope that my belief will last?Will my hand forever hold Him fast?Am I certain I am saved from sin?Do I feel His presence here within?Do I hear Him tell me that He cares?Do I see the answers to my prayers?Do no fears my confidence assail?Do I know my faith will never fail?

"I believe"&md;ay, do I! I believeHe will never fail me, never leave;I believe He holds me, and I knowHis strong hand will never let me go;Seeing, hearing, feeling&md;what are these?Given or withheld as He shall please.I believe in Him and what He saith;I have faith in Him, not in my faithThat may fail, tomorrow or today;Trust may weaken, feeling pass away,Thoughts grow weary, anxious or depressed;I believe in God&md;and here I rest.

- Annie Johnson Flint