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The God of One More Chance

Source unknown

A man named Peter stumbled badLost all the love he ever hadFouled his own soul's springCursed and swore and all that sort of thing.He got another chance and thenHe reached the goal of God&md;like me.

A boy goes wrong the same as heWho fed swine in a far countryHe seems beyond the utmost reachOf hearts that pray, of lips that preach.Give him another chance and seeHow beautiful his life may be.

Paul cast the young man Mark asideBut Barnabas his metal triedCalled out his courage, roused his vimAnd made a splendid man of himThen Paul, near death, longed for a glanceOf Mark who'd had another chance.

King David one dark day, fell downLost every jewel from his crownHe had another chance and foundHis kingly self, redeemed, recrownedNow lonely souls and countless throngsAre lifted by his deathless songs.

For fallen souls&md;arise, advanceOurs is the God of one more chance.