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The Wish Wand

By Jill Brisco, in her book
    Heaven and Hell

I had a little wish wand and waved it to and froWhenever thoughts turned heavenward or the other place you go.I thought it safe to trust it with my whole eternal soulso I wished the life I'd lived on earth would get me to my goal.I wished that all would get to heaven whatever they believedthat Buddha sat at God's right hand that New Age be received.

I wished that Paul would change his mind that Jesus wasn't rightbecause He spoke of lostness and a dark eternal night;about the way to heaven one truth, one narrow gate, and I was so broadminded that I wished away my fate!

So I waved my little wish wand in the radiant face of Him who met me at the gate of heaven and wouldn't let me in.

I wrote to heaven's congressman, but he courteously replied that I should have left my wish wand at the feet of Him who died!For wishes could not wish away a lifetime of rejection,and wishes could not dress my soul in heaven's own perfection.And wishes could not save me now for hell was so obscene,that wishes there die ghastly deaths, strangled with a scream.

So I took my little wish wand into hell the day I died, and I waved it at the serpent as he slithered to my side.It was dark but I could see him and all I knew was fear,and no matter how I waved my wand he wouldn't disappear!Oh I wish that I had wished aright I wished I lived againI wished I had a body that was whole, not racked with pain.

I wished I could remember something other than the dirt.I wished I could forget my sin. So every memory hurt.Oh, I wished and wished and wished that I could have another chanceto cast upon the Crucified a trusting, saving glance.

But the devil took my wish wand and he laughed right in my faceand I went to live eternally in darkness and disgrace,I never wished a wish again I had no heart to tryfor hell is where hope ended, and where all my wishes died!