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Father God

Your Father Loves You, by James Packer, (Harold Shaw Publishers, 1986), page for May 6.

God's fatherly relationship with Jesus implies four things. First it implies authority. The father commands and disposes; the initiative which he calls his Son to exercise in resolute obedience to his Father's will. Second, it implies affection; third, fellowship; fourth, honor: God wills to exalt his Son.

All this extends to God's adopted children. In, through, and under Jesus Christ their Lord, they are ruled, loved, accompanied, and honored by their heavenly Father.

As Jesus obeyed God, so must they (1 John 5:1, 3). As God loved his only-begotten Son, so he loves his adopted sons (John 16:27). As God had fellowship with Jesus, so he does with us (1 John 1:3). As God exalted Jesus, so he exalts Jesus' followers, as brothers and sisters in one family (John 12:32; 17:24).

In these terms the Bible teaches us to understand the shape and substance of the parent-child relationship which binds together the Father of Jesus and the servant of Jesus.