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What's the Difference?

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A Church That Prays

A Church Devoted to Prayer

1. Prays about what it does.

1. Does things by prayer.

2. Prays at its convenience.

2. Prays at God's command.

3. Prays when there are problems.

3. Prays when there are opportunities.

4. Has guilt&md;knowing it should pray more.

4. Has joy&md;desiring to pray more.

5. Announces a prayer meeting&md;some in the church show up.

5. Announces a prayer meeting&md;the church shows up.

6. Asks God to bless what it's doing.

6. Asks God to enable it to do what He is blessing.

7. Thinks it is too busy to pray.

7. Knows it is too busy not to pray.

8. Is frustrated by financial shortfall&md;cuts back on ministry.

8. Prays through financial shortfall&md;receives money miraculously.

9. Fits prayer in somewhere.

9. Gives priority to prayer.

10. Uses God.

10. Is used by God.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful." Colossians 4:2, NIV