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Hatching Eggs

Bits & Pieces, April 28, 1994, p. 16

"It is a popular conception that to make rapid fundamental progress it is only necessary to concentrate large quantities of men and money on a problem," said Charles Kettering.

"Years ago when we were developing the first electrically operated cash register I ran into this type of thinking. My boss was going to Europe and wanted the job finished before he took off. &ls;Give Kettering twice as many men so he can finish it up in half the time.' When I objected to this idea, he asked, &ls;Why can't you? If 10 men can dig 10 rods of ditch in a day, then surely 20 men can dig 20 rods.'

"I replied, &ls;Do you think if one hen can hatch a setting of eggs in three weeks, two hens can hatch a setting in a week and a half? This is more a job of hatching eggs than digging ditches.