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Prepare to Meet Thy God

Olney Hymns, William Cowper, from Cowper's Poems, Sheldon & Company, New York

Sin has undone our wretched race;But Jesus has restored,And brought the sinner face to faceWith his forgiving Lord.

This we repeat from year to year,And press upon our youth;Lord, give them an attentive ear,Lord, save them by Thy truth!

Blessings upon the rising race!Make this a happy hour,According to Thy richest grace,And Thine Almighty power.

We feel for your unhappy state,(May you regard it too,)And would a while ourselves forgetTo pour out prayer for you.

We see though you perceive it not,The approaching awful doom;Oh, tremble at the solemn thought,And flee the wrath to come!

Dear Saviour, let this new-born yearSpread an alarm abroad;And cry in every careless ear,"Prepare to meet thy God!"