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If I But Read

Source unknown

The Lord I love went on ahead To make a home for me He said. He would come back again, and HeOh, Gracious Love He wrote to me!

He knew I was so weak and blindAnd foolish, that I could not findThe road alone. He wrote me thingsThat all earth's wisemen and its kings

Have never guessed but I foreknow. For I read His letter and ohThe depths of love on every sheetMy soul is trembling at His feet

What would He have thought of meI when I saw Him I should sayI was to busy everydayTo read the letter You wrote to meI really hadn't time for Thee.

In Brief

Admit God's Word to be His message to you. Submit to the authority of the Book. Commit the words of the Scriptures to your memory. Transmit the message to someone else.