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The Ideal Peacemaker

Our Daily Bread, July 28

The Ideal Peacemaker

In his classic work on the Beatitudes titled The Heavenly Octave, F. W. Boreham included this passage:

"The ideal peacemaker is the man who prevents the peace from being broken. To prevent a battle is the best way of winning a battle. I once said to a Jewish rabbi, &ls;I have heard that at a Jewish wedding a glass is broken as part of the symbolism of the ceremony. &ls;Is that a fact?' &ls;Of course it is,' he replied. &ls;We hold aloft a glass, let it fall and be shattered to atoms, and then, pointing to its fragments, we exhort the young people to guard jealously the sacred relationship into which they have entered since, once it is fractured, it can never be restored.'"