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Changing Your Name

U.S. News & World Report June 1, 1992, p. 14.

Changing Your Name

There it was in the society pages of none other than the venerable New York Times, arbiter of social propriety. On May 7, Michael Flaherty, a city planner, wed Valerie Silverman, a medical student, and husband and wife combined their names to produce "Flaherman." Even the editor of the Times society page could not recall seeing such a postmodern hybrid before. (Hey, Arnold and Maria! Have you ever considered "Schwarzenshriver"?)

Why did they do it? "We wanted to share a name without being sexist or hyphenating two names," says Michael. The couple, who just a few months ago rejected "Silverty," say that their children will not be "Flaherbabies," but Flahermans. And, they say, they never even considered going ultra-politically correct with "Flaherperson."