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Statistics on Marriage

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Statistics Every day, 175 Americans aged 65 and older get married (eight of them for the first time.) The most married person in history was probably King Mongut of Siam, the monarch in "The King and I." He had 9,000 wives and concubines. The following 11 people never married: James Addams; Susan B. Anthony; Ludwig van Beethoven; President James Buchanan; Frederic Chopin; Emily Dickinson; J. Edgar Hoover; Joan of Arc; Isaac Newton; Florence Nightingale; Henry David Thoreau. Working couples spend only about 12 minutes a day talking with each other. About 36 minutes a day is spent together in cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, and demonstrating affection. - American Demographics, reported in December, 1988, Homemade In ancient Greece, the wedding cake of choice was almost always cheesecake doused with honey. The custom in ancient Rome was to break the wedding cake over the head of the bride. And only those children of women who abided by this custom were legally eligible to hold high government office. Fewer Americans are married in January than in any other month. - Partnership, January/February, 1988, pp. 28-29