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Through the Eyes of Love

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Through the Eyes of Love

Hands&md;beautiful, symmetrical handsLong tapered fingersTanned skin from outdoor livingUseful beyond beliefMy wife's hands.

Knotted&md;arthritic handsMisshapen from age and diseaseNot very nimble nowBut still useful beyond belief.I know what others seeHands as they are todayBut I see beautiful, symmetrical hands.My wife's hands.

And a face, beautiful sparkling brown eyesFull red luscious lipsSkin like warm ivoryA blush of dawn in her cheekLovely beyond belief.

Aged wrinkled skinA brown age spot here and thereEyes grown dim with timeLips pale and thinner nowI know what others seeA face as it is todayBut I see a faceLovely beyond belief.My wife's face.