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Three Marriages

David Augsberger, When Enough is Enough, (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1984), p. 80

Three Marriages

Marriage One

Marriage Two

Marriage Three

Oneness "We are we"

Twoness "I am I and you are you"

Threeness "I am I and you are you and we are we"

Fusion of two melding into one (but which one?)

Separation of two struggling for identity&md;I will be I, you may be you

Reunion of two with separate selves and shared covenant.

Romantic illusions&md;We are the Dream. (Your dream? or mine?)

Loss of illusions&md;Where have the flowers gone? (Who am I, who are you?)

Reality of intimacy&md;I can love you as you. (Why did it take so long to find each other?)