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Our Daily Bread, July 14

Resources Peter Dieson, The Priority of Knowing God, pp. 71ff G. Collins, The Magnificent Mind, pp. 202-3 Think Waxes

The following illustration from A Primer on Meditation points out what happens when the mind is directed and focused on one thing:

"M. A. Rosanoff, long associated with Thomas Edison, had worked futilely for over a year to soften the wax of phonograph cylinders by altering their chemical constitution. The results were negative. Rosanoff relates how he mused night after night trying to &ls;mentally cough up' every theoretical and practical solution. &ls;Then is came like a flash of lightning. I could not shut waxes out of my mind, even in my sleep. Suddenly, through headache and daze, I saw the solution. The first thing the next morning, I was at my desk; and half an hour later I had a record in the softened wax cylinder...This was the solution! I learned to think waxes...waxes...waxes, and the answer came without effort, although months of thought had gone into the mental mill.'"