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What is Love

Anna Smith - Lind High School, 1993

What is love? Asks the child untouched Whose mother's hand he clutchedHis tender heart knows only TrustFeels only love, knows not of Lust.

What is love? Asks the blossoming soulQuestioning her life's roleStruggling to separate Infatuation from love's fate.

What is love? Asks the youth enlightened Remembering passion heightened Wondering if is was an act of LoveOr if not approved by those Above

What is love? Asks the united oneWhose ring reflects the golden SunHoping it will last forever That they will always remain Together

What is love? Asks the furrowed faceMoving at a withering pace"It has remained all around me.To its treasure I've not found The key."

What is love? I cannot explainIt includes extremes of Happiness and painI will never understand love's Many huesYet I will always know that I Love you...