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Who is This King of Glory

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All of the power of Heaven and earthGod had invested in Him He's to die on the crossDescend into hellMeet the devilAnd take the keys from him

So He yielded HimselfTo the death on the crossCried "It's finished!" and bowed to dieIn the regions of hell The devil celebrated,"We've destroyed the King!" he cried.

In the midst of the celebrationFootsteps were heardWalking the corridors of hellThe shouting stoppedWhen a voice rang outTwas a voice that rang like a bell

Satan trembled as he recognized HimWho came to deliver His own."Oh shut and lock the gates!" he cried."Don't let Him ascend to His throne!"So the gate swung shut In the face of the KingTo prove God's salvation untrue

But He shook hell's gatesAnd cried, "Lift up your headsThe King is coming through!"So out of the devil's prison houseWent a procession led by the KingShouting &md; "Now, O grave, Where is your victory?And where, O death, thy sting?"

Who is this King of Glory?The Lord God mighty in battle is He.Who is the King of Glory?Maker of Heaven and earth supreme.Who is the King of Glory?The One that not even death could stop.Who is this King of Glory?Why He's the babe in the mangerAnd the little boy from the carpenter shop.