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Jelly-Bean Colors

Source Unknown

Jelly beans have been in the spotlight with the news that they are a favorite candy of President Reagan. Dr. Elizabeth Bard has revealed to the American Psychological Association the results of a survey which indicate that your choice in jelly beans may reveal fundamental traits, especially if one's choice of color has nothing to do with the flavor. The most popular color&md;especially among men&md;was black, followed by red. Least popular was purple and white. Here are traits indicated by choice of color:

Black: A man exercises great personal charm in dealing with others. A woman is considered persistent in her demands and desires recognition and control.

Red: A man is capable of powerful emotional involvement; a woman has great charm.

White: A woman "seeks a relationship offering peace and intimacy." A man "attempts to control his own destiny and yet needs praise and reinforcement from others to maintain self-confidence."