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The Mercy of the Lord

Source unknown

Someone said the Lord is comingAnd the time is a surprise.Now I wanted to be all preparedTo meet Him in the skies.

I heard we must be specially dressedIf to Him we would draw nigh.But I had all sorts of garmentsAnd my heart with pride beat high.

Now the garment of my moralityThat would surely get me in.But when I looked it overIt was soiled and stained with sin.

Now the garment of self sacrificeThat couldn't help but doBut when I saw how short it fellIt went into discard too.

Now the garment of personal goodnessWould pay any heavenly costI couldn't even find thatSomehow it had gotten lost.

In my bright and shining humilityI'd go to be His bride.My gaze fell upon itIt was tarnished with my pride.

One by one each was discardedAnd my heart filled with despair.I could never go to meet HimI had nothing fit to wear.

As I wallowed there in gloomHe sent the words and music of a songAnd it swelled out through the room.

Amazing grace&md;How sweet the soundThat saved a wretch like meI once was lost but now was foundWas blind but now

    I see.

Thank God my eyes were openedI gazed up in His faceWhy the garment He would have me wearHe'd provided by His grace.

Gone was black despair and heartacheNevermore I'd walk alone.Dressed only in His righteousnessI'm ready when He calls His own.