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Wonderful People

Source unknown

Fathers are wonderful peopletoo little understood,And we do not sing their praisesas often as we should.

For somehow, Father seems to bethe man who pays the bills,While Mother binds up little hurtsand nurses all our ills.

And Father struggles dailyto live up to "his image"As protector and providerand "hero of the scrimmage."

And perhaps that is the reasonwe sometimes get the notionThat Fathers are not subjectto the thing we call emotion

But if you look inside Dad's heart,where no one else can see,You'll find he's sentimentaland as "soft" as he can be.

But he's so busy every dayin the grueling race of life,He leaves the sentimental stuffto his partner and his wife.

But Fathers are just wonderfulin a million different ways,And they merit loving complimentsand accolades of praise.

For the only reason Dad aspiresto fortune and successIs to make the family proud of himand to bring them happiness.

And like our Heavenly Father,he's guardian and guide,Someone that we can count onto be always on our side.