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Community Impact Bulletin, July 7, 1995

"More than virtually any other factor, a biological father's presence in the family will determine a child's success and happiness."&md;U. S. News and World Report "Committed fatherhood would do more to restore a normal childhood to every child, and dramatically reduce our nation's most costly social problems, than all of the pending legislation in America combined."&md;National Fatherhood Initiative "The plague of fatherlessness is a painful inheritance of poverty and illness that is passed down from one generation to the next."&md;University of Texas Sociologists "The most urgent domestic challenge facing the United States at the close of the 20th century is the re-creation of fatherhood as a social role for men."&md;David Blankenhorn, Institute for American Values. "Some 46% of families with children headed by single mothers live below the poverty line, compared to 8% of those with two parents...Studies show that only 43% of state prisons inmates grew up with both parents and that a missing father is a better predictor of criminal activity than race or poverty...Social scientists have made similar links between a father's absence and his child's likelihood of being a dropout, jobless, a drug addict, a suicide victim, mentally ill, and a target of child abuse."&md;U. S. News & World Report "A good father does these basic things: provides for his family, protects his family, and gives spiritual and moral guidance."&md;David Blankenhorn