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Well-trained is the son who can hang onto his father's words as well as he can a fly ball (Prov 4:4). Happy will be the child who cries because his dad loves him (Prov 10:12) A wise father hates sin in order to love his son. A good father shows the value of a book as well as a buck. The dad who wonders how much of a teacher he needs to be would do well to go to the school of Solomon. The man who finds a good woman should show his son how to avoid a bad one (Prov. 2, 5, 6, 7, 9). What a father knows about sex might help his children as much as surprise them (Prov. 23:26-8). A wise son makes a glad dad as much as a foolish one makes a glum mum (Prov. 10:1). Thank God for fathers who not only gave us life but taught us what to do with it. If you're amazed at how hard your dad can make it for you, try it without him (Prov. 15:5). Double whammy; foolish son and contentious mammy (Prov. 19:13).

- M. R. De Haan II