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Christian Behavior

New Man, November/December, 1994, p. 13

1. How's your thought life?

2. How are you handling the balance between work and home?

3. Have you been in the Word over the last few days?

4. What has God been teaching you recently?

5. How are you doing in handling God's provision of time, talent, and money?

6. Are you being responsible in protecting your eyes, hands, feet and mind with women other than your wife?

7. Are you shooting straight in answering the above questions--or trying to blow smoke?

A study conducted by The Roper Organization for High Adventure Ministries in 1990 found that the moral behavior of born again Christians actually worsened after their conversions. Examined were incidences of illegal drug use, driving while intoxicated and marital infidelity.

The problem can be solved, says one researcher, with a new commitment to accountability and discipleship.