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That Certain Something

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That certain something that makes us great&md;that pulls us out of the mediocre and commonplace&md;that builds into us power. It glows and shines&md;it lights up our faces&md;ENTHUSIASM, the keynote that makes us sing and makes men sing with us. ENTHUSIASM&md;the maker of friends&md;the maker of smiles&md;the producer of confidence. It cries to the world, "I've got what it takes." It tells all men that our job is a swell job&md;that the house which we work for just suits us&md;the goods we have are the best. ENTHUSIASM&md;the inspiration that makes us "wake up and live." It puts spring in our step&md;spring in our hearts&md;a twinkle in our eyes and gives us confidence in ourselves and our fellow men. ENTHUSIASM&md;it changes a dead pan salesman to a producer&md;a pessimist to an optimist&md;a loafer to a go-getter. ENTHUSIASM&md;If we have it, we should thank God for it. If we don't have it, then we should get down on our knees and pray for it.