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Lessons From a Tree

Resource, Sept./Oct., 1992, p. 9

If Thou canst make so wonderfulThis thrilling thing&md;a tree,I wonder, Lord, what Thou couldst makeIf man should yield to Thee;

If every time earth-born rootDrank from the wells of God,If all day long his every breathAnswered Thy slighted not?

Bent, twisted, gnarled, time-eaten,But a glorious thing this tree,With hands and heart uplifted Seeking the face of Thee!

O Thou who made s wondrous fairThis trilling thing, my tree,Because its every hour is lived an offering unto Thee,

Oh, take me, root and branch and all(The years go on apace!)Grow up in me that radiant lifeThat shines, Lord, from Thy face!