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Fashion Designer

Bits and Pieces, August, 1989

As a student, fashion designer Sandra Garratt was given a project to design clothing that would go against her natural inclinations&md;clothes that she didn't like. She came up with a line of economical, one-size-fits-all, modular clothing for women. Garratt moved on to a series of jobs in the fashion industry, but she kept thinking about those clothes she'd designed. They intrigued her enough that she eventually began producing them for a boutique in Dallas. Several businesspeople saw promise in Garratt's clothes, and in 1986 they invested the money to help her start a nationwide chain of shops. The investment paid off. Within a few years, more than $100 million of Garratt's clothes had been sold, and she had made millions in royalties. All because she put her natural inclinations aside and investigated something different.