Pastor John Barnett has been devouring the Word of God for 31 years. Born and raised in Michigan, John has studied at Michigan State University, Bob Jones University (B.S., B.A., M.A., M. Div.), The Master's Seminary (faculty), Dallas Theological Seminary (Dr. of Biblical Ministry) and with Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri Fellowship.

John shares his life with Bonnie his beloved wife, and their eight wonderful children: John II, Estelle, James, Julia-Grace, Joseph, Jeremiah, Elisha and Elisabeth. As a Home schooling family, John and Bonnie teach children and teens with enthusiasm and love. I n the past 29 years of uninterrupted ministry, John has served in pastorates in Michigan, Georgia, Rhode Island and California before coming to the precious saints at Tulsa Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1995. He has served on the Faculty of the Master’s College & Seminary. He was an Associate Pastor to Dr. John MacArthur at Grace Community Church five years overseeing the Shepherding Ministries. During graduate school, John served as the Assistant Dean of Men at Bob Jones University for five years.

Called to the ministry as a young man -- his passion is prayer and the ministry of God's Word. As a global Christian, his ministry to churches in 40 nations around the world is deeply touched by outreach and evangelism. Since 1978, in conjunction with Land of the Book Tours, John has led dozens of study tours, retreats, travels, and pilgrimages with over 1,500 participants, and taught on site in 21 countries and on five continents. His Tours are available on DVDs filmed onsite. This five DVD set is called Echoes from the Land of the Book and are available through the DTBM online store.

As a Seminary Professor of Theology, Church History and the English Bible, John's messages reflect the background of the Scripture from the ancient biblical world, the history of the church and the daily life in far corners of the planet. In 1998 a new ministry called Discover the Book Ministry was launched to provide electronic copies of Pastor John's audio, video, and text studies free of charge to pastors, missionaries, and other believers. Since then, this ministry has grown to serve saints in all 50 states and over 145 lands around the world, as well as through daily radio on a growing number of radio stations in the USA, Europe and the Caribbean.

John & Bonnie are frequent speakers at churches, camps, conferences, retreats, college and seminary chapels where they have served the saints at: Grace Community Church, Word of Life Inn and Bible Institute, Gull Lake Ministries, Cedarville University, The Masters Seminary, The Masters College, Camp Barakel, and Bob Jones University.

He published his first book, The Joy of A Word Filled Family, in 2003 and released a second book in 2006 called Living Hope for the End of Days—365 days of devotions from the Book of Revelation.

Most of all John is a devotional speaker, calling individuals of all ages to yield to their Creator, follow their Shepherd and speak about their Master in daily life.

Sermons by John Barnett
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I. A Servant of God (1 of 37) PREVIEW
II. A Servant of God (2 of 37) PREVIEW
Mary, Mother of James - How to Love Our Moms (3 of 37) PREVIEW
Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart (4 of 37) PREVIEW
I. Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart - Ten Secrets for Eternal Unfading Beauty (5 of 37) PREVIEW
II. Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart - Ten Secrets for Eternal Unfading Beauty (6 of 37) PREVIEW
Godly Dads in a Day When Papas Are Missing (7 of 37) PREVIEW
Joseph: Father of James and Jesus (8 of 37) PREVIEW
Fathers of the World (9 of 37) PREVIEW
James and the 1st Church at Jerusalem (10 of 37) PREVIEW
The Truth about Pain and Problems (11 of 37) PREVIEW
Our New Perspective (12 of 37) PREVIEW
The Rich-Poor and the Poor-Rich (13 of 37) PREVIEW
Extravagant Giving - Is Rich toward God (14 of 37) PREVIEW
Winning the Crown of Life (15 of 37) PREVIEW
How to Overcome Temptations (16 of 37) PREVIEW
Looking for God When Tempted (17 of 37) PREVIEW
Flee from Lust When Tempted (18 of 37) PREVIEW
Coming Back to God (19 of 37) PREVIEW
The Song of a Soul Set Free (20 of 37) PREVIEW
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