Michael is pastor of Mission Park Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona, a church with services in both English and Spanish. Before serving at Mission Park Baptist Church he pastored the Spanish speaking of Riverside Baptist Church, a large SBC congregation in Denver, Colorado.

Michael has also written material for Hispanic congregations focusing on families discipling other families to be kingdom families.

Michael has written for publications such as Baptist Press (bpnews.net), Rocky Mountain Baptist, and has had a weekly column on ChristianNewsToday.com writing under the title "Moral Focus Today".

Michael speaks and writes on a variety of issues such as:
* Family values
* Church planting
* Church health
* Biblical ethics

He was a founding board member of American Pathways University in Denver, Colorado; a university that was started to aid lower income families achieve advanced degrees.

Michael is an ordained and licensed minister and is affiliated with and holds dual membership in both the Southern Baptist Convention and Conservative Baptist of America.

Michael is now living in Tucson and is married to wife Maria with three children - Jesus (21), Elsy (13) and Gabriel (8).

Sermons by Michael Romero
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Sermon Title 
What Do I Matter To God? PREVIEW
Keeping the Faith (13 of 13) PREVIEW
Growing Forward (12 of 13) PREVIEW
The Great Messiah (11 of 13) PREVIEW
The Excellence of His Sacrifice (10 of 13) PREVIEW
Better Than Ever! (9 of 13) PREVIEW
A Sure Thing (8 of 13) PREVIEW
The Progress Report (7 of 13) PREVIEW
A Superior High Priest (6 of 13) PREVIEW
Don't Stop, Go On! (5 of 13) PREVIEW
Instructions for the Future (4 of 13) PREVIEW
So Great A Salvation (3 of 13) PREVIEW
More Excellent Than the Angels (2 of 13) PREVIEW
The Supremacy of Jesus Christ (1 of 13) PREVIEW
Unleashing Personal Creativity (3 of 4) PREVIEW
Reconnecting to God (3 of 3) PREVIEW
Reigniting Passion (2 of 3) PREVIEW
Remember When... (1 of 3) PREVIEW
Becoming a Worshipper (3 of 3) PREVIEW
The Climate for Worship (2 of 3) PREVIEW
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