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Pastor Zach Terry is driven by a desire help people achieve their maximum life through Jesus Christ. He is known for his ability to teach complex ideas in simple terms with practical implications for daily life.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, from which he received his Master’s degree, selected him as the recipient of the Westminster John Knox Press Award for excellence in preaching and teaching the Christian scriptures. In 2016 he was honored as one of the Connect Faith’s, “Agents of Change“. Pastor Zach is the author of the book “Our Spiritual Battlefield”. He is a guest contributor for the Alabama Baptist Newspaper.

Zach served as a Senior Pastor- at the Lancaster Baptist Church in Central Kentucky, the Capshaw Baptist Church in North Alabama and now at the First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach, FL.

A bent toward forward thinking motivates Pastor Zach to actively engage in a variety of social media platforms, which has taken his ministry to an audience far beyond his local impact. The Maximum Life Podcast can be heard around the world.

Most importantly, Pastor Zach is a family man. His wife, Julie, is a photographer and owner of Julie Terry Photography. They are the parents of Carly, Cole, and Caitlyn Terry. For more information about Zach Terry visit

Sermons by Zach Terry
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Sermon Title 
The King and the Seed PREVIEW
Decision Making (15) PREVIEW
David and Bathsheba (14) PREVIEW
You Are Mephibosheth (13) PREVIEW
Five Stones of Courage (12) PREVIEW
Three Principles of Providence (11) PREVIEW
Biblical Keys to Success (10) PREVIEW
Blind Eyes and Burning Hearts PREVIEW
Genesis (1) PREVIEW
The Fall (2) PREVIEW
Sin and Promise (3) PREVIEW
Three Questions in Suffering (4) PREVIEW
Miserable Counselors (5) PREVIEW
Covenant (6) PREVIEW
Glory (7) PREVIEW
The Law of God (8) PREVIEW
A Caleb Attitude (9) PREVIEW
Hebrews - Introduction (1 of 11) PREVIEW
How Will You Escape? (2 of 11) PREVIEW
Our Great and Merciful King (3 of 11) PREVIEW
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