First Baptist Church

Robert Dawson is the pastor of First Baptist Church, in Lake Park, GA. He has had the privilege of leading this wonderful faith family for the past 12 years. He has served on staff and pastored churches in Georgia and North Carolina over the last 25 years. He is a graduate of Florida Baptist Theological College and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Robert never ceases to be amazed that God has given him the responsibility and unmerited privilege of preaching His Word and leading His people. As he seeks to faithfully preach God’s Word, it is Robert’s desire that people come to know, love and serve God more deeply and passionately than ever before. He teaches and preaches with the conviction that “the Bible, God’s perfect Word, is our ultimate and authoritative guide for life and salvation,” one of the Core Values of the First Baptist family.

Robert has the extreme pleasure of being husband to Kristal and father to John Mark and Jordan Grace, another display of God’s grace and undeserved favor in his life.

As your read his messages it is Robert’s prayer that you be as blessed and encouraged as he has been through the teaching and preaching of others, many of whom are contributors to this wonderful ministry.

Sermons by Robert Dawson
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Sermon Title 
Parents: God's Representatives (18) PREVIEW
Part of the Marriage Story (17) PREVIEW
Husbands Taking the Lead (16) PREVIEW
Unveiling Marriage's Meaning (15) PREVIEW
Freedom from Forgiving (14) PREVIEW
Bible Benefits PREVIEW
The Bible's Beauty PREVIEW
Analyzing Anger (13) PREVIEW
Tainted Tongues Pt 2 (20) PREVIEW
Watching our Walk (11) PREVIEW
Equipped to Serve (10) PREVIEW
Balancing the Scales (9) PREVIEW
Praying for God's People (8) PREVIEW
Church Truths (7) PREVIEW
Tainted Tongues PT1 (19) PREVIEW
Tear Down the Dividing Wall of Racism (6) PREVIEW
A Spiritual Transformation (5) PREVIEW
The Church's Great Need: To Know God (4) PREVIEW
Overloaded with Blessings Part 2 (3) PREVIEW
Love: The Better Way (18) PREVIEW
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