Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
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Rex Yancey is a graduate of Blue Mountain College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds the Bachelor of Art degree, the Master of Divinity degree, and the Doctor of Ministry Degree.

Rex has served on many committees and boards of the Mississippi Baptist Convention. He served as President of the convention in 1994-1995.

Rex retired from the full-time pastorate in 2014 when he gave his resignation at the First Baptist Church in Ripley MS, He served as interim pastor of two church before he accepted the pastorate of his home church in 2016

Rex was the pastor at First Baptist Church in Pascagoula, MS for fifteen years. FBC was a place of distribution after Katrina and Rex took on the role of CEO. He was presented a key to the city and a proclamation by the mayor and board of Aldermen for his leadership in the church and community.

Rex has written two books: Jerked Up and Called, subtitled, Memoirs of a Mississippi Baptist Minister, and Hot off the Press, subtitled, Post Katrina Thoughts.

Rex is married to Ellon and they have two grown children and grandchildren.

Sermons by Rex Yancey
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Not Far from the Kingdom of God PREVIEW
Dreamers PREVIEW
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