Ivor Powell was born in Crosskeys, Monmouth, Wales. Following his conversion, he attended South Wales Bible training Institute. He was ordained as a minister of the Baptist Union of Wales in 1934 and began his pastoral ministry in Barry, Glamorganshire, Wales. His ministry has taken him to all parts of the English-speaking world, and in 1971 Trinity College honored him with a D.D. degree. Powell's many books include:

Bible Cameos
Bible Nuggets
David: His Life and Times
Manna from Heaven
Honey from the Rock

Sermons by Ivor Powell
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The Savior and How to Grow in His Grace (34 of 34) PREVIEW
Rare Collectibles of the Faith (33 of 34) PREVIEW
Sharing God's Treasures (32 of 34) PREVIEW
God's Greatest Provision: Man's Most Effective Plea (31 of 34) PREVIEW
Symphonies in the Storms (30 of 34) PREVIEW
Stephen: The Giant Among the Dwarfs (29 of 34) PREVIEW
The Unscalable Mountains of Grace (28 of 34) PREVIEW
Five Steps to Serenity (27 of 34) PREVIEW
God's Third-Class Passengers (26 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Cleopas: To Surprise His Servants (25 of 34) PREVIEW
The House of the Passover: To Supply a Sequel (24 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus: To Share His Serenity (23 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Simon Peter: To Stimulate Service (22 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Matthew: To Support a Statement (21 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Jairus: To Silence the Scoffers (20 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Simon: To Strengthen a Saint (19 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home in Cana: To Show His Splendor (18 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Simon the Pharisee: To Save a Sinner (17 of 34) PREVIEW
The Home of Zacchaeus: To Seek a Soul (16 of 34) PREVIEW
Mordecai: The Insignificant Jew Who Became a Big Man (15 of 34) PREVIEW
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