Dan Rodgers was the founding pastor of Bible Fellowship Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA, where he served for over 24 years. His previous pastorate was in Dalton, GA. Pastor Rodgers has degrees from Tennessee Temple University (BA), Covington Theological Seminary (M. Min.), and Trinity Theological Seminary (M. Div.). In addition to his more than 27 years of pastoral experience, Pastor Rodgers has taught at two Bible colleges and served on the Board of Directors for the International Board of Jewish Missions in Hixson, Tennessee. He is also the author of the book, Life's Surprises: Are You Prepared?

Sermons by Daniel Rodgers
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Paul's Letter to the Romans (1 of 19) PREVIEW
Rebellion And Apostacy (2 of 19) PREVIEW
Who Art Thou That Judgest? (3 of 19) PREVIEW
There Is None Righteous (4 of 19) PREVIEW
What Shall We Say About Abraham? (5 of 19) PREVIEW
Justification By Faith (6 of 19) PREVIEW
The Significance of Baptism (7 of 19) PREVIEW
Paul's Spiritual Battle (8 of 19) PREVIEW
The Holy Spirit Is Life (9 of 19) PREVIEW
The Sufferings Of This Present Time (10 of 19) PREVIEW
The Gospel Concerning Israel (11 of 19) PREVIEW
God' Simple Plan Of Salvation (12 of 19) PREVIEW
A Remnant According To Election (13 of 19) PREVIEW
Paul's Lessons On Life (14 of 19) PREVIEW
Living In Light Of His Return (15 of 19) PREVIEW
To Eat Or Not To Eat? (16 of 19) PREVIEW
A Like-Minded Faith (17 of 19) PREVIEW
Paul, A Minister Of Jesus Christ (18 of 19) PREVIEW
A Special 'Thanks' To God's Workers (19 of 19) PREVIEW
Daniel's Riverside Experience PREVIEW
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