J. Gerald

Dr. J. Gerald Harris was called into God's ministry as a high school senior in Valdese, NC. Since he was ordained by First Baptist Church of Valdese in 1961, he has enjoyed a long and fruitful ministry, winning many souls to Christ. Dr. Harris was educated at Mercer University (B.A.), Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Theo.), and Luther Rice Seminary (D.Min.).

Dr. Harris has served at churches across the Carolinas, Mississippi, and Georgia. He is currently editor of The Christian Index. Dr. Harris has held several positions within his denomination, including serving as President of the Georgia Baptist Convention in 1999.

Sermons by J. Gerald Harris
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Sermon Title 
The Vertically Challenged Man PREVIEW
The Faithfulness of God PREVIEW
The Greatest Hope in the Church PREVIEW
Death in the Pot PREVIEW
Truth has fallen in the streets PREVIEW
The Cost of Discipleship PREVIEW
The Horror of a Hollow Confession PREVIEW
The Troubler From Tekoa PREVIEW
The Seven Wonders of the Christian World PREVIEW
When The Song Returns PREVIEW
Building a Great Church PREVIEW
Creation By Divine Decree (1 of 9) PREVIEW
Divine Respiration (2 of 9) PREVIEW
The Power to Asphyxiate (3 of 9) PREVIEW
The Breath That Births (4 of 9) PREVIEW
Holy Exhalation (5 of 9) PREVIEW
Theopneustos - The God-Breathed Word (6 of 9) PREVIEW
A Boneyard + A Breath = A Battalion (7 of 9) PREVIEW
A Rushing, Mighty Wind (8 of 9) PREVIEW
The Torment of Tophet (9 of 9) PREVIEW
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