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Pastor Jerry received his Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is working on his PhD. Prior to coming to the ministry, Pastor Jerry served as Youth Sunday School teacher, Adult discipleship leader, deacon, and minister of education. He has served as pastor in both Texas and Michigan before coming to serve as Senior Pastor of Dallas Baptist Church. Before following God's Call to be pastor, Pastor Jerry had successful careers in automobile and insurance sales and management. He also served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army. His hobbies are camping, hunting, fishing, canoeing, golf, reading, model trains, computers and photography.

Pastor Jerry is married to Virginia (Gini). Pastor Jerry was born and raised in the Ohio valley, and graduated from the University of Cincinnati (BA, History). Pastor Jerry and Gini have two children, both married, and both live in Texas. Daughter Amy and her husband, Nick, have two daughters, so Pastor Jerry and Gini are proud grandparents. Gini is my help-mate and partner in life and ministry. She is also a Nurse (RN, BSN, having received her degree from Univ. of TX, Arlington), and is an active Christian writer and artist.

Sermons by Jerry Branch
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Sermon Title 
The Knowing Christ Factor PREVIEW
Of the Church, or Not of the Church, That Is the Question PREVIEW
There Are Dangers Out There PREVIEW
How God Deals with Our Sin PREVIEW
Who Do We Choose to Love? The World or God PREVIEW
Growing in Faith as We Grow in Life: Children, Young Men, and Fathers PREVIEW
Don't Sin, but When (Not If) You Do... PREVIEW
You Have Power and 'Can Do-Ness' Because You Have the Holy Spirit PREVIEW
The Issue of Loving (The Brethren) PREVIEW
Being a Child of God PREVIEW
Jesus, Son of God, the Only Answer PREVIEW
Mother's Day PREVIEW
Introduction to John (1 of 7) PREVIEW
Fellowship with God (2 of 7) PREVIEW
Knowing Joy as a Christian (3 of 7) PREVIEW
Lack of Holiness (4 of 7) PREVIEW
The Sin Issue (5 of 7) PREVIEW
What's Walking Light All About? (6 of 7) PREVIEW
God's Loving Provision for Us: What Are We Doing with It? (7 of 7) PREVIEW
Prophecy and God's Love PREVIEW
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