Rev. Duane Lee Bemis was born in Spokane, WA, in 1953. His parents Delbert and Jeanne Bemis have been married for over 50 years. His parents still live in Spokane and have the same phone number that Duane learned in kindergarten. Rev. Duane Lee Bemis received his first B.A. in Studio Art from Eastern Washington University in 1979 followed by a B.A. in Education. In the late 80s he received a Masters degree in education from Washington State University.

The turning point in his life came after his children were killed in a car accident. This unresolved issue caused his marriage to break up with both blaming him for the accident. This unresolved death and guilt drove Duane to the foot of the cross. Years later he surrendered and faced this heart breaking issue and he found his long searched for peace. From the deeps of despair and hurt comes the ministry God has handed to him. For God’s Glory Ministries was born from Rev. Bemis’ personal tragedies. His personal artwork leaped into the realm of the prophetic and from these heavenly visions and dreams has birthed this end times ministry of God’s heartbeat.

God first called Bemis to the streets of the local city he resided in. The students from his school were out on Saturday nights looking for trouble. Bemis and his men's bible study started to meet at 6:30pm and by 9:00pm went to the streets. Once on the streets Bemis used his art talent to draw the young people's hearts toward God. Increasingly they found the Lord and the atmosphere of the streets changed.

Rev. Bemis has taught in both private and public schools for over 20 years. Recently he and his wife Darilyn have moved to Baker, CA, and started a church inside the local prison. Their church has nine different ministries from within. Each ministry is head by an appointed inmate leader.

Sunday Night Church Service from 6:30 to 9:00
Christian Video Night-Once a week a Christian Video is played from 7:00 to 10:00
The Kitty Box-New inmates come on the yard this kitty has soap, tooth brushes and other personal items to meet their needs.
Prayer Circle-Everyday after lunch they can go to an open air prayer circle to pray
Bible Studies-Monday Night and Wednesday Night taught by the seasoned Christians on the yard
Christian cassette ministry-Christian tapes made available for check out
Tithing Ministry-They can make up to 37 dollars a month and they tithe to a local youth group each month.
Men’s Choir-They meet two times a week to prepare for Sunday Night Service.
Sunday Morning Devotional-Meet from 7:00am to 8:00am for a short devotional

About every 12 months their church has a complete turn over with inmates being paroled. The church is alive and always in a state of flux. Those who submit to the Bemis’ discipleship ministries have reached 80% success rate once they are paroled. The focus of their ministry to those behind bars has to do with facing their issues while they are imprisoned. Facing first their relationship with their earthly fathers and progressing from there.
One of the inmates, Steven Smiley, recently returned after discharging his number to bring the Sunday Night message. Steven paroled, discharged his number and then the prison said they wanted another year of success on the outside before they would clear him to return. Steven submitted to all authority and gave a message on how to stay clean,
sober, and successful on the outside. The men are still talking about hearing from a man who sat in their seat and walked in their shoes.

Rev. Bemis and his wife have preached in many churches in California using live worship art to show the heart of God. He has ministered in many prisons in California, Idaho, Washington and Montana. He has evangelized on the streets of Bakersfield, Lompoc, and Pismo Beach, CA, and in Mexico. He has created many fliers and tracts with his artwork to touch the hearts of those who are lost and hurting. He has created a line of Christian T-shirts and at present about five different ministries use his work for their logos, tape covers, or CD covers. He has 20 fliers in Russian, 2 in Armenian, and another 5 in Spanish.

The Rev. Bemis has completed a book titled: "Twice Broken, Once Healed." This biblically-based emotional healing workbook will soon be available to the public. For the last ten years, he has piloted this God given program. Each chapter of the book is laced with God's visions. Each vision is then painted or drawn. Then each drawing is explained with the word of God. Bemis uses live worship art to share his visions which depict God's heartbeat. Every sermon has a visual drawing or painting as its inspiration.

He has recently enrolled in a doctoral program at a Christian University.

Come now and hear what it is that God is saying to his people.

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