Dick Onarecker – the man who prayed for a miracle on the bridge!

Hayes Richard Onarecker
B. June 6, 1944 Houston, Texas – D. October 29, 1996, Spring, Texas

Bro. Dick was a pastor, church planter, missionary and leader of men for 25 years of ministry. In 1988, he came to Spring Texas and planted a church where he served until his death in 1996. He was a passionate man, intense in his work for God’s kingdom. God used him to influence many, and mentor preachers and missionaries called to ministry under his leadership.

He was a man of prayer. Dick dared to pray as God directed him, January 18, 1989. Another minister, Rev. Don Piper was in a tragic accident in Trinity Texas, where Don was pronounced dead on the scene. Dick felt “compelled to pray” that Don not only live, but have no internal injuries. This occasion is recorded in Mr. Piper’s book, Ninety Minutes in Heaven. [While this is clearly a miracle and answered prayer, it is but one of many during the ministry of Bro. Dick Onarecker. He was a man who dared to follow God and act as He directed.

Married to Anita Lowrey, Daughter, Terri and Son, Kevin
Five Grandchildren: Catherine, Andrew, Anna, Erin and Ethan.

Undergraduate Studies and Degree
1972: Baptist Bible Institute, Graceville, FL, aka Florida Baptist Theological College.
1976: BA Psychology/Counseling, William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS
Graduate Studies and Degrees:
1976: University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1977: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Houston, Texas
1982: Master of Divinity, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, NC

Recognition and Certificates:
Who’s Who in Religion in America
International Who’s Who in Community Service, 1979
Personalities of The South
Community Leaders and Noteworthy Americans Award, 1981
Governor of North Carolina, Special Volunteer Award, 1981

Seven Days A Week: A Fisherman For God, 1973
It Works For Me, 1989

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