Richard Laue began his ministry at Golden West Christian Church, Los Angeles, CA ... July of 1956 until May of 1958 as a Youth Intern. This was a practical two-year ministry after college, prior to seminary for experience. He served as a general Associate to the Pastor, primarily in youth work. This was a very valuable time and gave him great preparation for the ministry.

Richard served at Englewood Christian Church, Indianapolis, IN from May of 1958 until June of 1975. Richard was called to this congregation as Youth Pastor, with the agreement that he could attend seminary part time while working full time at the church. After approximately one year, the Pastor of the church resigned to accept another church. After many months of waiting and interviewing, the congregation extended to him the call to be Pastor. The elders of the church agreed to help Richard and allow him to finish seminary, and under those conditions, and he accepted the pastorate. This turned out to be a long and fruitful ministry for the church and for Richard personally. All of his and his wife's children were born in Indianapolis. This ministry was especially unique because the church was in the inner city. But the Lord blessed and the church grew from an average of 500 in worship to 1100 in those years. Hundreds were saved and baptized. The congregations was able, by the blessing of the Lord, to build a new Worship Center, expand the properties of the church, and develop an outreach to the inner city of Indianapolis.

Richard next served at Calvary Bible Church, Burbank, CA. In 1975 he sensed the Lord leading him away from the ministry we loved. He felt the love and the call of the people to his present ministry. So in June 1975 Richard went to the Calvary Bible Church in Burbank. God has richly blessed him there as He did in Indiana. The church has grown from an average in worship of approximately 400 to 1200. The Lord has led the congregation to be a missionary church, with over $250,000.00 each year going for world evangelism. At the same time He allowed the church to build a new Worship Center, which was finished in October 1984 at the cost of $1,500,000.00. The church further rejoices because the Lord allowed us to dedicate the Worship Center debt free. In 1991 the building and rebuilding of the Main Street Auditorium was completed at a cost of one-million dollars, and it was dedicated debt free in October.


Richland Center High School, Richland Center, WI ... 1951
Minnesota Bible College, Rochester, MN ... B.A. ministerial ... June 1956
Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN ... M. Div. ... August 1962
Midwest Christian College ... D.D. (Honorary) ... May 1973

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