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Dr. Jerry Vines has been a Baptist pastor for over 50 years. During his ministry, his goal has been to introduce people to Jesus and to help believers grow in their Christian lives. His Bible preaching and teaching is an inspiration to other pastors to help effective sermon preparation and deliver expository messages.

Dr. Vines was the pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla. until his retirement in 2006. During his career as a Baptist pastor, he served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention for two terms. Dr. Vines interests include Alabama football. It's a year-round passion! He also enjoys spending his free time in the Smoky Mountains with his family, especially his grandchildren!

Let Dr. Vines' sermon outlines inspire your Sunday sermon preparation.

Sermons by Jerry Vines
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Sermon Title 
Is America in Bible Prophecy? (1 of 4) PREVIEW
Will the Church God through the Great Tribulation? (2 of 4) PREVIEW
Will Christians Be Judged? (3 of 4) PREVIEW
Who Is Going to the Marriage Supper? (4 of 4) PREVIEW
Will There Be a Second Chance? (1 of 4) PREVIEW
Will People Be Saved during the Tribulation? (2 of 4) PREVIEW
Who Will Win the Final Battle? (3 of 4) PREVIEW
Who Is Coming to the Great White Throne? (4 of 4) PREVIEW
Jesus, the One and Only PREVIEW
God Has a Plan for Every Life PREVIEW
Important Aspect of Christian Life PREVIEW
Come to the Supper PREVIEW
That's the Gospel PREVIEW
Is There Really a Heaven? PREVIEW
Going, Weeping; Sowing, Reaping PREVIEW
The Chariot of Israel PREVIEW
He Shall Appear PREVIEW
How to Pray PREVIEW
Walking with God PREVIEW
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