M. Kenneth

Ken Lyon is a pastor at Matthews United Methodist Church in Matthews, North Carolina. Matthews United Methodist Church is known for its warmth and friendship. MUMC offers excellent educational programs for all ages and makes many opportunities available for spiritual growth and biblical study. Pastor Ken Lyon coordinates the total church program and staff at the church. Pastor Lyon is also involved in preaching and worship leadership as well as pastoral care at Matthews United Methodist Church.

Sermons by M. Kenneth Lyon
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Sermon Title 
Speechless PREVIEW
Stable Thinking, Tarnished Tinsel, and Crooked Stars PREVIEW
Gratitude (5 of 5) PREVIEW
Inside Out Commitment (4 of 5) PREVIEW
Inside Out Purpose (3 of 5) PREVIEW
Inside Out Service (2 of 5) PREVIEW
How to Prepare for a Miracle (1 of 5) PREVIEW
The Bottom Line (10 of 10) PREVIEW
How Much Is Enough? (9 of 10) PREVIEW
Telling the Truth (8 of 10) PREVIEW
Prospering with Integrity (7 of 10) PREVIEW
Pure Pleasure (6 of 10) PREVIEW
God's Word to Workaholics (5 of 10) PREVIEW
Testing the Mantle (4 of 10) PREVIEW
Taking God Seriously (3 of 10) PREVIEW
The Danger of Leaning Against the Wind (2 of 10) PREVIEW
Declare Your Independence: The Foundation for a Strong Family (1 of 10) PREVIEW
Tug of War or Pull of Life (7 of 7) PREVIEW
Living a Satisfied Life (6 of 7) PREVIEW
The Danger of Playing It Safe (5 of 7) PREVIEW
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