Rev. Miles Seaborn served as pastor of Birchman Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX, for twenty-nine years. Prior to his pastorate of Birchman he served as a missionary to the Philippines for ten years. Because of the strong emphasis on missions at Birchman, nearly two hundred missionaries who at one time called Birchman home have served or are now serving on the foreign or home mission field.

Rev. Seaborn led the church in such a way that many of its members are on the cutting edge of multiple social and political issues which directly affect our religious rights and freedoms. In addition, under Rev. Seaborn's conviction and guidance, Birchman Baptist Church built an eight million dollar church-plant totally debt-free.

In January 2012, Rev. Seaborn passed away at the age of 81.

His approach in the pulpit is expository preaching in dynamic, and practical contexts - giving those listening real wisdom by which to live and love.

Sermons by Miles Seaborn
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Sermon Title 
Beware Of Being A Snob! PREVIEW
The Divine Imperative PREVIEW
The Music Of Christmas PREVIEW
The Lost Christ Of Christmas PREVIEW
The Forgotten Word At Christmas PREVIEW
Little Things In The Christmas Story PREVIEW
God Arrived On Time PREVIEW
The Christmas Star PREVIEW
Share His Love PREVIEW
The Right Way And The Wrong Way Of Giving PREVIEW
Prospering With Integrity PREVIEW
Let There Be Life PREVIEW
The Incredible Power Of A Godly Man PREVIEW
God's Word To Workaholics PREVIEW
The Right Motive For Christian Living PREVIEW
The Danger In Trusting In Rusty, Moth-eaten Treasures For Salvation PREVIEW
Taking God Seriously PREVIEW
The Requirement Of A Successful Steward PREVIEW
Rejoicing on the Wall - Shouting at the Building PREVIEW
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