Dr. McQuitty spent his high school years in Paris, TX where his father served as Senior Minister of a Presbyterian church. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL and of Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX.

Andy earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1997, receiving the C. Sumner Wemp Award in personal evangelism as well as the John G. Mitchell Award for outstanding scholarship and effectiveness in ministry.

Andy has served as a youth pastor in Washington State, and as Associate Pastor of a Bible Church in Garland, TX. As Sr. Pastor of Irving Bible Church since 1987, he transitioned the church to a contemporary style of ministry with a strong emphasis on world missions and the arts. Under his leadership, Irving Bible Church has grown from 300 to 1,500 in worship, with extensive children's and youth ministries.

Andy is an avid reader, golfer, gym rat and writer. But his favorite pastime is passing time with his family. Andy is husband to Alice and father to Julie, Elizabeth, Bonnie, Jonathan and Jeffrey.

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Sermons by Andrew McQuitty
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Sermon Title 
Surprised by Joy PREVIEW
Never Give In PREVIEW
The Myth of Madison Avenue (10 of 10) PREVIEW
The Truth About Lies (9 of 10) PREVIEW
The Lesson of the Little Red Hen (8 of 10) PREVIEW
God's Sanity for Your Sexuality (7 of 10) PREVIEW
What? Me, Murder? (6 of 10) PREVIEW
Making Peace with Your Parents (5 of 10) PREVIEW
Time Out (4 of 10) PREVIEW
Living Up to a Great Name (3 of 10) PREVIEW
Free to Be Fulfilled (2 of 10) PREVIEW
God with a Big G (1 of 10) PREVIEW
If It's on Fire Don't Lie On It (13 of 17) PREVIEW
Surprised by Grace (11 of 17) PREVIEW
Untitled (10 of 17) PREVIEW
Is Your God Too Small? (9 of 17) PREVIEW
How to Go Out Singing (17 of 17) PREVIEW
How to Grow Old with Class (16 of 17) PREVIEW
Forgiving an AWOL Father (15 of 17) PREVIEW
Daddy, Please Slow Down (14 of 17) PREVIEW
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