Will McGee is the senior pastor of Crossroads Christian Church. A multi-cultural congregation in New York City. Before coming to Crossroads he served in college ministry as the founder of EngageJSU on the campus of Jacksonville State University in Alabama.

His primary ministry focuses are on expository preaching, church revitalization, and Christian cultural engagement.

He is a graduate of Auburn University (B.A.) where he attended on a track & field scholarship. He earned his Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is a candidate for a Ph.D. in Applied Theology from SEBTS.

Will is married to Rebekah, and they have three children: Israel, Edith, and Annalise. Will enjoys reading, running, playing music, and exploring the greatest city in the world.

For more information please visit CrossroadsBrooklyn.com.

Sermons by Will McGee
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Sermon Title 
Dealing with Your Anger (1 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing with Your Hurt (Betrayal) (2 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing With Your Loneliness (3 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing with Your Shame (Repentance) (4 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing With Your Fear (5 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing with Your Sadness (Depression) (6 of 7) PREVIEW
Dealing With Your Guilt (7 of 7) PREVIEW
The King is Here, But He's Not What You Expected (1 of 8) PREVIEW
Redefining Greatness ( 2 of 8) PREVIEW
Sin and Temptation (3 of 8) PREVIEW
One Thing You Lack (4 of 8) PREVIEW
Jesus, Meek and Wild (5 of 8) PREVIEW
The Way of Generosity (6 of 8) PREVIEW
Body and Blood (7 of 8) PREVIEW
That Should Have Been Me (8 of 8) PREVIEW
Demanding for a King (1 of 11) PREVIEW
Beyond Outward Appearance (2 of 11) PREVIEW
Courage (3 of 11) PREVIEW
Friendship (4 of 11) PREVIEW
The Story and The Song (5 of 11) PREVIEW
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