First Baptist Church of Harvester

Bob Ingle is the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Harvester in St. Charles, MO. He has led three different Missouri Baptist churches over the last 23 years of pastoral ministry. All three have seen significant spiritual and numerical growth.

Bob received his Masters of Divinity in 1995 from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. He has been married to his wife Jana for 26 years, and they have three children: Adam (22), Avery (19), and Emma (17). Bob is an avid golfer, and an enormous Chicago Cubs fan.

Sermons by Bob Ingle
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Sermon Title 
More Than 'Meats' the Eye (1 of 8) PREVIEW
You Might Be a Weaker Believer If... (2 of 8) PREVIEW
For the Love of the Gospel (3 of 8) PREVIEW
Whatever It Takes (4 of 8) PREVIEW
Run to Win (5 of 8) PREVIEW
Characteristics of Disqualified Christians (6 of 8) PREVIEW
Headship and Head Coverings (7 of 8) PREVIEW
Killer Worship (8 of 8) PREVIEW
How To Evaluate Your Pastor (1 of 10) PREVIEW
Deflating Puffed Up People (2 of 10) PREVIEW
Church Discipline: Taking Sin Seriously (3 of 10) PREVIEW
The Ironic Church (4 of 10) PREVIEW
Should Christians Use the Court System? (5 of 10) PREVIEW
Who Will Be In Heaven? (6 of 10) PREVIEW
Your Body, God's Temple (7 of 10) PREVIEW
Sex: A Touchy Issue (8 of 10) PREVIEW
When Your Marriage Is Difficult (9 of 10) PREVIEW
Good Reasons to Stay Single (10 of 10) PREVIEW
Jesus Is Needed (1 of 3) PREVIEW
Jesus Is Coming (2 of 3) PREVIEW
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