Collin was born September 4, 1966. He is the son of Larry and Louise Wimberly of Hall Summit, Louisiana. He accepted Christ at the age of 12 in Springhill Baptist Church in Ringgold, Louisiana and surrendered to God’s call to ministry at the age of 15. Collin is married to Gina and they have 9 children. In 1989 Collin earned a Bachelor of Vocal Performance from Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana and served as Minister of Music in Pollock La; Mesquite, Tx; and Winnsboro, Tx. In 1994 God called him to Tabernacle Baptist Church in Pickton, Texas as Pastor. He earned a Master of Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has pastored churches in East Texas and Louisiana as well as serving as Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Dean of the Chapel at Louisiana College. Presently, Collin serves as the Senior Pastor of Trinity Heights Baptist Church in Shreveport, La.

Sermons by Collin Wimberly
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Being All about Jesus! (1 of 25) PREVIEW
How It All Began (2 of 25) PREVIEW
The Power of Jesus (3 of 25) PREVIEW
Be Made Clean(4 of 25) PREVIEW
Bringing Friends to Jesus (5 of 25) PREVIEW
Jesus vs. Religion (6 of 25) PREVIEW
The Right Time to Do the Right Thing (7 of 25) PREVIEW
The Right Time to Do the Right Thing (8 of 25) PREVIEW
The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (9 of 25) PREVIEW
Diagnosing spiritual heart conditions (10 of 25) PREVIEW
The Growth of God's Kingdom (11 of 25) PREVIEW
Lord of the Storm (12 of 25) PREVIEW
Battling Demons (13 of 25) PREVIEW
Run to Jesus (14 of 25) PREVIEW
How to destroy your conscience(15 of 25) PREVIEW
Little Is Much When God Is in It (16 of 25) PREVIEW
When God Came Near! (17 of 25) PREVIEW
The Deadly Lure of Legalism (18 of 25) PREVIEW
Beggars for Grace (19 of 25) PREVIEW
Jesus' school of Ministry (20 of 25) PREVIEW
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