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Ross Lester is a Pastor from Johannesburg, South Africa, the city in which he was born and raised. He is married to his High School sweetheart, Sue, and they have two children, Daniel & Katie. Ross has served as the Lead Pastor of Bryanston Bible Church as well as the Network Director for Acts 29 Southern Africa. He has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature, as well as a Masters in Biblical Theology.

Sermons by Ross Lester
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God's Perfect People (1 of 3) PREVIEW
Good Fences Make Bad Neighbors (2 of 3) PREVIEW
Gracism: A New Way Forward (3 of 3) PREVIEW
Glad God? (1 of 4) PREVIEW
The Secret (2 of 4) PREVIEW
The Meaningful Mundane (3 of 4) PREVIEW
Happy and Holy (4 of 4) PREVIEW
Unstoppable (1 of 17) PREVIEW
Team Jesus (2 of 17) PREVIEW
True Wisdom (3 of 17) PREVIEW
Leaders Who Last Go Last (4 of 17) PREVIEW
Sometimes Winning is Actually Losing (5 of 17) PREVIEW
Right to Relinquish (6 of 17) PREVIEW
Sharing Gospel Blessings (7 of 17) PREVIEW
Faithful Fleeing (8 of 17) PREVIEW
Tainted Temples (9 of 17) PREVIEW
It's Complicated - Sanctifying Relationship Status (10 of 17) PREVIEW
Participating with Jesus (11 of 17) PREVIEW
All from Him. All for Him (12 of 17) PREVIEW
Naturally Supernatural (13 of 17) PREVIEW
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