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Dr. Bradley is an expository preacher. He believes in the inerrancy of Scripture and has dedicated himself to preaching God’s Word without apology for the past 40 years. Dr. Bradley has served as the senior pastor in 8 Southern Baptist churches in Mississippi and Florida since 1978. He is currently the Senior Pastor at Clara, First Baptist Church, Waynesboro, MS., where he has served for the past 11 years.

He is a two time graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, LA., having received the M.Div. Degree in 1981 and the D.Min. Degree in 1988. In addition to his preaching and pastoral responsibilities, Dr. Bradley has participated in many short term mission projects around the world,
preaching in such places as India, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru,
Guatemala, Alaska, and China.

Sermons by Richard Bradley
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Sermon Title 
Up to Jerusalem: ''The Triumphal Entry'' PREVIEW
The Supernatural Side of Life PREVIEW
What Is the Message of the Cross? PREVIEW
God and Our Country PREVIEW
Working up to a fit PREVIEW
What We Must Do to Have Revival PREVIEW
When Jesus Prays for Our Church? PREVIEW
When You Pray for your Church PREVIEW
The Prototype of a Deacon PREVIEW
Four Stupid Things Believers Do to Mess up Their Lives PREVIEW
Goliath: "(Soothsayer) the Man Who Defied God!'' (1 of 7) PREVIEW
Pharaoh: "(Great House) the Man Who Came between God and His People'' (2 of 7) PREVIEW
Haman: "The Man Who Plotted to Destroy God's People.'' (3 of 7) PREVIEW
Herod the Great (Heroic): "The Man Who Betrayed His Name'' (4 of 7) PREVIEW
Saul (''asked for''): ''The man who was sincere, but sincerely wrong'' (5 of 7) PREVIEW
Judas: "The Villain Who Repented'' (6 of 7) PREVIEW
Satan: ''An Adversary Who Lies in Wait'' (7 of 7) PREVIEW
Why Do We Have to Suffer? PREVIEW
What is my Place in the Body? How do I fit in? PREVIEW
Finding Your Center in 2018 PREVIEW
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