Bailey E. Smith grew up in Dallas, Texas as the son of a Baptist preacher. He is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and Southwestern Seminary in Texas and has been awarded five honorary doctor’s degrees.

He has served as President of the Pastor’s Conferences of the Southern Baptist Convention, President of the Oklahoma State Convention, President of the Southern Baptist Convention, President of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists.

He was a pastor for almost 30 years and at his last church averaged 1100 baptisms for 12 years. He entered in crusade evangelism and is author of several books on Evangelism. Pastor Smith currently leads Bailey Smith Ministries.

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Sermons by Bailey Smith
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Sermon Title 
Incentives for Maximum Service PREVIEW
You Don't Have to Go On! PREVIEW
When a Mature Christian Looks at Life PREVIEW
Recipe for God's Peace PREVIEW
The Cost of Christian Excellence PREVIEW
The Next Time You Wake Up in Rome PREVIEW
Strengthening the Reputation of God PREVIEW
How Is Your Christianity Today? PREVIEW
The Called or the Claimed PREVIEW
Common or Committed? PREVIEW
Hour Of DecisionHour of Decision (13 of 13) PREVIEW
Let the Church Stand Up in Today's World (12 of 13) PREVIEW
Echoes of Encouragement (11 of 13) PREVIEW
Characteristics of a Dynamic Church (10 of 13) PREVIEW
A New Commitment to an Ancient Commission (9 of 13) PREVIEW
The Gospel in Miniature (8 of 13) PREVIEW
Four Things God Does Not Know (7 of 13) PREVIEW
Revival or Regret (6 of 13) PREVIEW
The Battle of Building (5 of 13) PREVIEW
The Result of Revival (4 of 13) PREVIEW
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