Kenton Beshore is senior pastor of Mariners Church, a multi-site, non-denominational church in Irvine, California where he has served as senior pastor since 1984. Mariners has grown from 200 to over 13,000 people who courageously follow Jesus, serve the community and change culture. His education includes a MA from Talbot Seminary and the Institute of London where he studied with Dr. John Stott.

A gifted communicator whose drive is making God’s Word relevant to everyone, Kenton uses storytelling, humor, and inspired teaching to point people to the life-changing power of Jesus. He believes that whether they are seeking to know Jesus or to drive God’s truths deeper into their hearts, every Christ-follower has a ministry to those around them. Kenton loves the privilege of being a pastor. His greatest joy is being with people at defining moments of their lives. He teaches God’s Word by filtering it through his life and applying it in practical ways.

For 25 years, Kenton’s wife, Laurie, has served as the founding pastor of Outreach Ministries at Mariners Church. Its mission is to mobilize world changers who are courageously shaping culture while meeting real needs. Laurie is the author of Love Without Walls (Zondervan), which tells the eye-opening and inspiring history of Outreach Ministries at Mariners Church. Laurie has a heart that breaks for those in need, recognizing that we all have a spiritual poverty that can only be filled by Jesus.

Together, Kenton and Laurie passionately encourage people to find the purpose for which they are created and use their unique gifts and talents to impact our communities, our cities, our world. They live in Corona del Mar, California and have been married for 34 years. They have four sons, and three grandchildren.

Sermons by Kenton Beshore
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Sermon Title 
Overflowing Treasures PREVIEW
Who is in Control PREVIEW
Death by Religion (1 of 8) PREVIEW
Inside Out (2 of 8) PREVIEW
All the Worlds a Stage (3 of 8) PREVIEW
The Rest of the Story (4 of 8) PREVIEW
Who Cares? (5 of 8) PREVIEW
Won't You Be My Neighbor (6 of 8) PREVIEW
The Power of Love (7 of 8) PREVIEW
Redefining Rituals (8 of 8) PREVIEW
Spiritual Change (1 of 7) PREVIEW
The Wrong Change (2 of 7) PREVIEW
The Changed Life (3 of 7) PREVIEW
Changed For Good (4 of 7) PREVIEW
Change in Thinking (5 of 7) PREVIEW
Life Changing Love (6 of 7) PREVIEW
Here's Your Change (7 of 7) PREVIEW
Snow Snakes (1 of 6) PREVIEW
Stepping Off (2 of 6) PREVIEW
Faith and Doubt (3 of 6) PREVIEW
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