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North Coast Church aims to help people like you and me know God and grow spiritually through practical Bible teaching, contemporary worship and creating a host of opportunities for significant and supportive relationships. As a church family, North Coast is learning the responsibilities and the exciting privileges that come with being a part of God's family.

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Chris Brown has served as a Senior Pastor and Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church since 2004. Prior to that, he developed a nationally recognized student ministry at Azusa Pacific College, where he served as the Campus Pastor. His mid-week Bible study known as "911" started with 80 and grew to over 1,500 students.

A gifted story teller and Bible Teacher, Chris is a sought-after conference and chapel speaker. His humor and motivational style have helped North Coast Church continue to grow, not only larger, but also younger during his tenure. He shares the weekend pulpit with Larry Osborne - each teaching roughly half the time.

Chris is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University. He lives in Oceanside with his wife Amy and their three children.

Sermons by Chris Brown
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Sermon Title 
You Can Take It With You (2 of 18) PREVIEW
Tempering Our Temper (4 of 18) PREVIEW
Mercy: It's More Important Than We Think (8 of 18) PREVIEW
Cadaver Christianity (9 of 18) PREVIEW
The Tongue: Small But Deadly (10 of 18) PREVIEW
Knock It Off! (13 of 18) PREVIEW
Two Keys To Being Right With God (14 of 18) PREVIEW
How to Be Patient (16 of 18) PREVIEW
What I Know, And Don't Know, About Prayer (17 of 18) PREVIEW
Spiritual Rehab (2 of 5) PREVIEW
The Art of War (18 of 18) PREVIEW
If All Hell Breaks Loose, Don't Blame Heaven (15 of 18) PREVIEW
Choose Your Suffering Wisely (12 of 18) PREVIEW
Welcome To The Witness Stand (11 of 18) PREVIEW
The Family Dad Always Wanted (10 of 18) PREVIEW
Follow The Battle Plan (7 of 18) PREVIEW
Spiritual Maturity (5 of 18) PREVIEW
Why The Cross Isn't Enough PREVIEW
This Is A Game Changer (3 of 18) PREVIEW
Peter: The Failure and Faith behind the Book (1 of 18) PREVIEW
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